what is bikerafting? the definition of bikerafting

What is Bikerafting? The Definition of Bikerafting

Bikepacking + Packrafting = bikerafting Excerpts from The Bikeraft Guide by Lizzy Scully & Steve “Doom” Fassbinder. The Definition of Bikerafting Simply put, bikerafting is a human-powered, multi-sport adventure activity whereby you use bicycles and packrafts, carrying one on the other depending on the terrain you’re crossing. Regardless of the length of a trip—single-day urban…

Jon Bailey shredpacking in the San Juan mountains.

Shredpacking Basics: Setup & Handling of a Loaded Bike on Trail

Shredpacking Basics Part 2: Handling​ Videos & story by Liz Sampey. Photos by Steve Fassbinder. Liz  has worked as a PMBIA-certified mountain bike skills instructor for eight years. The PMBIA methodology works to teach any discipline of mountain biker at any level. She’s taken her knowledge and experience of bikepacking and applied their proven system…


San Quintin Chilean Expedition ⼮ EXPEDICION SAN QUINTIN

Expedition Chile By Waldo Andrés Aguayo Riquelme. Waldo took our first Advanced Expedition Planning and Paddling Course May 2022. Read his article, “Chilean Packrafter Hones Skills During Advanced Course.” And, check out photos of the Advanced Course by Andrew Burr on our Facebook page. Prologue: A Chilean Packraft Expedition In September 2022, Andres Moro contacted…

bikerating 101: whitwater ratings Bikerafting the Dolores River

Bikerafting 101: Whitewater Ratings, How Rapids Are Classed

Whitewater Ratings: Class I to Class V and everything in between By Sensei Dan Thurber, Packraft Swiftwater Safety Instructor. Read Dan’s other article, “How To Figure Out Your Perfect Packraft Paddle.” This is an excerpt from The Bikeraft Guide, and so is a guide on whitewater ratings specifically directed at bikerafters. However, it’s still provides…