why take women bikerafting or packrafting courses?

Women learn differently from men. “Whether you call it ‘girl power’ or ‘feminine energy,'” says Jule Harle of Alaska Packrafting School, ladies have a different learning style. And women’s packrafting courses can offer a distinct environment where they can talk through concepts and issues more thoroughly than might happen in a mixed class or class with just men.

There’s a part of the brain that’s twice as big in a female that processes new experiences or manages fear through talking,” Jule says.

Who knew? Well, we women did, of course 😉

So, here you go–four women’s bikerafting and packrafting courses for 2024. We hope to bring Jule back year after year to teach Level 2-4 courses. And owner, Lizzy Scully, will teach Level 1-2 courses, since acquiring her Level 2 Packraft Instructor Training Certification April 2024.

Want to read/listen more about how women learn differently from men? Check out our, “A Beginner’s Guide to Packrafting & Bikerafting” podcast with Jule. You’ll find it on our website or on Spotify

Email us if you want to schedule a bikerafting course for you and your lady friends. Lizzy loves bikerafting! Also ask about our full-ride scholarships for queer and transgender folks. 

women's courses The Mancos River
women's courses Lizzy Scully and Haley Tamberi carrying their bikeraft kit while on a family and friends bikeraft tour on the San Juan River.
women's courses
women's courses Best places to packraft in new Zealand, Dart River, by Chris Brinlee Jr -17JUN18-2
women's courses lizzy Scully self supported Packrafting the Grand Canyon
women's courses La Venta River, Chiapas Mexico, Expedition Packrafting Course. Photo by Chris Brinlee.