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Extraordinary adventures change lives. So Four Corners Guides creates bikepacking, packrafting and bikerafting missions to remote regions of the Four Corners. Unplug, play hard and discover more. What’s your course?

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Be aware, you will fall in love with Doom and Lizzy instantly. They opened their home to me, treated me kindly, and had some amazing stories to share. I will be back. Lizzy crafted the perfect instructional tour based on my experience, interests and availability. I spent two days focused on rafting instruction, then two days with Doom on the rivers and trails. Doom is a wonderful guide. Funny, a patient teacher, and knowledgeable of the lands and people of the areas you’ll be spending time. Best tour ever.~Derek W.

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Always bring an extra packraft paddle!

The Perfect Packraft Paddle?

Paddles are to packrafts as ski boots are to skis. People often overlook packraft paddles as a secondary accessory. But you might want to reconsider. They may actually be more important for comfort and performance.

Many packrafters spend weeks ruminating over a boat purchase only to impulsively buy whichever paddle is on sale from a friend. Is that due to the seemingly intangible nature of paddle design, materials and specs? Maybe… When ordering a new packraft paddle, one must decide on length, blade shape and size, blade material, shaft material and size, number of sections and feather angle. It’s a lot to process! The purpose of this article is to break down what all of these options mean for your paddling and help you find the paddle that’s right for you.


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