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Extraordinary adventures change lives. So Four Corners Guides creates bikepacking, packrafting and bikerafting missions for our guests to remote regions of the Four Corners. Unplug, play hard and discover more. What’s your tour?

How To Pack Your Bike for Bikepacking

“Multi-day bike travel is great, and the adventure really gets going when you measure your ride in days. But you already know that. Before the fun starts, there’s the tricky business of working out what gear you need and where on earth to put it all. Here’s a primer on how to pack your bike.” ~Huw Oliver

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What's in your bikeraft kit?

What's in your bikeraft kit?
“My objective when I set off alone to explore Tajikistan – Pamir Mountains, Central Asia – was to see the landscapes and people of the farthest reaches of the country. I wanted to use my bike and packraft to traverse lesser used roads and trails to get to these places.

As you can imagine a lot of planning was involved before I even bought my plane tickets. Bringing the right amount of the appropriate gear is, in my mind, a critical component to any successful mission. And traveling alone for a month and without language skills only intensifies the need for proper planning and self-reliance.

Having said that, it would be easy to pack a bikerafting kit with everything you could possibly need into a bunch of giant panniers and start a long ride. But, it’s not so easy to carry, push, and shove a grossly overloaded bike around the “Roof of the world.” Or anywhere for that matter.” ~Steve “Doom” Fassbinder


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