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Our Mission

We run extraordinary human-powered adventures by bicycle and packraft to remote regions of the Four Corners to change, challenge, empower and simplify peoples’ lives. Unplug, play hard and discover more. What’s your course?

Learn To Packraft

Turn the blue lines on maps into trails and acquire the whitewater paddling skills you need to run more difficult rivers! “We want you to get you on the edge of your own reality to feel things you’ve never experienced.” ~Head Guide Steve “Doom” Fassbinder.

Bikerafting Courses

Have you ever considered lashing your bike on a packraft, paddling down a river, then putting that boat on your bike and hopping on some single track? It’s as easy as that! Well sort of. It helps to understand how to transition and navigate a boat with a bike on it. So learn to Bikeraft!

Bikepacking in the Ute Mountain Ute Tribal Park

There are still blank spots on the map, specifically in the Ute Mountain Ute Tribal Park. And Four Corners Guides has the exclusive permit to take you on bikepacking and packrafting trips into the Tribal Park.

International Packraft Courses

In 2024 we’re running two courses abroad: beginner/intermediate Expedition Packrafting in Chiapas, Mexico, and intermediate/advanced Expedition Packrafting in Chile. What’s to come? Courses in Iceland & Spain in 2025!

Packraft & Bikeraft Course Schedule

What Level Are You?

How good of a packrafter are you? We know this is a tough question to answer. So we developed a self-assessment guide and pre-trip questionnaire to help place you in the right course. Other companies may have different criteria. Assess yourself…
You have no experience packrafting!
You've navigated a single-person craft at least 6 to 10 times in a river with up to Class I/II rapids.
You can solidly packraft any Class II+/III, catch eddies & self-rescue.
You solidly paddle Class III+ at high & low water, have swiftwater certification & can surf like a boss.

Bike. Pack. Raft

Guides & Instructors

Our Guides are all certified Wilderness First Responders and Swiftwater Saftey Institute Swiftwater Rescue certified. And our Head Guides are American Canoe Association-certified Level 3 Packraft Instructors. Additionally, co-owner Steve Fassbinder will be certified as an International Rafting Federation Whitewater Packraft Guide and Rescue 3 Technician April 2024.

Jeff Creamer

Advanced Packraft & Swiftwater Rescue Instructor

Kayla Nardozzi assistant guide

Assistant Packrafting Guide

Jon Bailey

Bikepacking & Packrafting Guide

What You Will Learn

We base our instructional courses on confidence and skill progression. Thus we push you a little bit harder each time you advance. As well, we tailor your experience to your abilities. So beginner to intermediate paddlers will learn a wide variety of skills, from basic/intermediate paddle strokes to river reading skills. While more advanced boaters will delve into technical and complex strokes, advanced expedition planning and group decision making. Learn more on our Packrafting Curriculum Page.
  • Swimming & General Water Confidence
  • Self Rescue & Buddy Assistance
  • Hazards & River Dynamics
  • Using Eddies
  • Dealing with Currents
  • Technical & Complex Strokes
  • Running Big Waves & Laterals
  • Managing Vertical Drops
  • Paddling an Expedition Loaded Boat in Whitewater
  • How to Read Whitewater

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