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Bikepack + Packraft = Bikeraft

Extraordinary adventures change lives. So we create bikepacking, packrafting and bikerafting missions for and with you to remote regions of the Four Corners. Unplug, play hard, and discover more. What's your tour?

Scullbinder Ranch

35 high-desert acres. A confluence of three canyons. The Mancos River. The smell of sage. A migratory bird corridor. Original home of the Ancestral Puebloans. The tip of Weber Mountain. A pump track & mountain bike trails. This is Scullbinder Ranch, home to Four Corners Guides.


Ute Mountain Ute Tribal Park Tour - Go With a Legend

"Steve “Doom” Fassbinder is known for completing nearly impossible adventures, like biking and rafting 1,000 miles across Tajikistan. The guy has an uncanny ability to suffer—early in his career, he was a repeat 24-Hour mountain-bike-racing world champ. Since leaving the racing scene, Doom has made a name for himself by piecing together creative multi-day routes around the world that require mountain bikes, packrafts, and the occasional llama... The customized tours launch from Fassbinder’s 35-acre Scullbinder Ranch. One of the trips includes special access to nearby Ute Mountain Ute Tribal Park, 125,000 acres of protected lands adjacent to popular Mesa Verde National Park, with a fraction of the visitors. You’ll bikepack for three days through the park’s dusty canyons, fording the Mancos River to meet Wolf, a Ute Mountain Ute guide who’ll take you up wooden ladders into Native cliff dwellings. The tour finishes with a 40-mile gravel grind back to the ranch, hitting tiny downtown Mancos, where a craft beer on the outdoor patio at Mancos Brewing Company awaits. Because what’s a bike ride without a post-ride beer?" ~Outside Magazine, "27 Epic Trips You Should Start Planning for Now!"

Bridge over the Dirty Devil River

Dirty Devil Bikerafting

A Bikeraft Guide "Pirates of Bikerafting" Story, by Steve "Doom" Fassbinder

Seventeen years ago I passed over this very bridge for the first time. I was on my first bike tour, solo, green as could be, riding a 1980's Derosa that was about two cm too small for me with borrowed touring bags, a retro fit fanny pack with a shoulder strap and my bed roll attached. I was sun burnt, thirsty, and completely hooked by my experience. This was also my first glimpse into the desolate and mysterious reaches of Southern Utah, a place that I now consider my backyard. It's early April in Southern Colorado and it's snowing like a mother out.... My first inclination is to, think snow, as they say... But I’ve been watching the Dirty Devil River levels lately. My new packraft (with custom bike tie downs) is ready for a test run, and my ears have been sand free for way too long...