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Extraordinary adventures change lives. So Four Corners Guides creates bikepacking, packrafting and bikerafting missions for our guests to remote regions of the Four Corners. Unplug, play hard and discover more. What’s your tour?
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So You Want to Go Bikerafting?

“Bikerafting is not a magic art. Riding bikes is simple. Packrafting is simple. Be confident and imaginative,  and don’t forget to look up! You’ll see places you’ve not seen or from a different angle. That’s the whole point. however, you choose to do it make sure you do it in a way that it will open your eyes to something. Keep a bit of wonder.” ~Huw Oliver, The Bikeraft Guide contributor
So you want to try out bikerafting in your backyard or embark on some great adventure to Alaska? But you don’t know where to start? In this two-part excerpt from Doom & Lizzy’s book, The Bikeraft Guide,” we lay out some of the questions you should ask yourself and others. Check out our blog!

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Colorado River to Lake Powell Bikerafting-bikerafting the Colorado River

Bikerafting the Colorado River

In the first place you can’t see anything from a car; you’ve got to get out of the goddamned contraption and walk, better yet crawl, on hands and knees , over the sandstone and through the thornbush and cactus. When traces of blood begin to mark your trail you’ll begin to see something, maybe. Probably not. ~Edward Abbey

In this story, lead guide Thad Ferrell tells the story of how the receding waters of Lake Powell have changed the nature of bikerafting adventures in Glen Canyon National Rec Area for the better.


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