The Ultimate How-To Guide, History Of & Wild Adventures Stories About Bikerafting

By Lizzy Scully & Steve "Doom" Fassbinder & a Forward by Roman Dial

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Be Inspired - The Pirates of Bikerafting

Follow the tall tales & wild adventure stories written by the people who define the sport: Doom, Huw Oliver (Read Huw's story!), Roman Dial, Annie Lloyd-Evans, Deane Parker, and Liz Sampey, Ashley Carruth, Jason Magness, and more!

The Bikeraft Guide

Reimagine Your Adventures!

Use this How-To Guide & accompanying videos to learn the skills you need for utilizing bikes & boats to discover less-traveled waterways in your own backyard or the wildest, most remote landscapes of the world. Check out our How-To videos on Vimeo and YouTube.

The Bikeraft Guide history

History - The Annals of Bikerafting

Deep dive into adventure history. We chronicle bikerafting's oldest missions with photos & interviews, from Roman's 1st "Hellbiking" missions in the '80s to the Lost Coast Tours in the '90s to Doom's dastardly desert adventures of the '00s, & beyond.

This community multi-media storytelling project will ultimately result in a comprehensive book on bikerafting. But, along the way we'll share some of the book's chapters, audio interviews and short films in the The Bikeraft Guide enewsletter, on the IndieGoGo Campaign page, on @TheBikeraftGuide Instagram page and on the Four Corners Guides blog. Our goal with the IndieGoGo Campaign is to raise $20K through pre-sales of the book and "Perks" donated by our sponsors. This will pay for printing, distribution, contributors and editing. We're really relying on you – aspiring bikerafters and people who love great adventure stories – to help us make this dream a reality. 

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