A how-to & inspirational Bikerafting & Packrafting Podcast for beginner adventurers

In our new, A Beginner’s Guide to Bikerafting & Packrafting podcast, we’ll talk with our head guides and other experts in the industry about their suggestions for getting into bikerafting and packrafting, plus their gear recommendations and personal stories of learning to packraft and bikeraft. We’ll also share fireside chats and adventure stories. Anything goes in this catch all podcast. So if you have thoughts, suggestions or comments, email us! You can find us on Podbean, and we will be on Apple Podcasts and Spotify soon. Check out the show notes and transcriptions of our bikerafting & packrafting podcasts on our blog

Today we’re talking with one of the most interesting and accomplished guys in the world of packrafting, Luc Mehl. He’s traveled more than 10,000 miles by packraft, ski, bike and ice skates, often utilizing two or more of those tools on the same adventure. He wrote the definitive guide on packrafting safety and skills. Every Packrafter should have a copy of The Packraft Handbook. And he’s one of the world’s best packraft instructors. He’ll absolutely hate that I’m saying these things. But as far as I and many others are concerned, he’s the man.

Luc is also someone I love having conversations with him. I always learn so much.  Today he and I are talking about a wide variety of subjects, but mostly focused around culture of safety issues, such as the risks and rewards of “leveling up” in packrafting, what “close calls” actually are and how knowing more about them can help the packrafting community (and other adventure communities) play safer. Plus we review a bunch of tools he uses to be the best partner he can be to the people he adventures with. 

Today for our fourth episode of A Beginner’s Guide to Packrafting & Bikerafting, we’re bringing you an interview with Jeff Creamer. Jeff teaches Swiftwater Safety Institute rescue courses and tests and makes boats for Alpacka Raft. One of America’s top packrafters, he’s done numerous remote, challenging expeditions on up to Class V whitewater in the mountains, along with some creative trips pairing boats and skis. He’s also a Level 3 American Canoe Assoc. Packraft Instructor. We are stoked this year that Jeff is teaching our 3rd annual Level 4, Intermediate/Advanced Packraft Mastery: Advanced Whitewater Paddling Skills course, May 17-19, 2024, along with two sold out Swiftwater Safety Certification courses.

In the first 15 minutes of this episode we learn about Jeff’s previous life as an ocean canoe racer and PhD student. Then he talks about his packrafting mentors Dan Thurber and Mike Curiak, and his early adventures skiing, packrafting and backpacking. Finally, we dive into Jeff’s expeditions, how he plans for them, how he chooses partners, and more. Check out the show notes on our blog.

In the third episode of our Podcast, A Beginner’s Guide to Packrafting, Four Corners Guides owner Lizzy Scully talks with renown Packraft Instructor Jule Harle. A long-time kayaker and packrafter and owner of Alaska Packraft School, Jule has been instrumental in legitimizing packrafting as a sport through her work as a guide and her work with others to get the American Canoe Association packrafting curriculum in place to accredit packrafting guides across the country. She volunteers with the Alaska Chapter of the American Packrafitng Association, and she was this year’s Golden Paddle winner. Jule is coming to the Four Corners June 15-17 to teach a women’s packrafting clinic for beginner/intermediate boaters.

Check out our blog post for details!

In the second episode of our A Beginner’s Guide to Packrafting Podcast (& occasional YouTube video) Series, Tony Miely talks whitewater packrafting gear. While he doesn’t review the full spectrum of boats, paddles and helmets available (that would take hours!), he offers an overview of the gear people need to get started with whitewater boating. And he makes a few solid, high-quality brand suggestions. Tony is one of the long-time owners of 4Corners Riversports, the premier boating store in SW Colorado. He is also an accomplished Class V kayaker and all-around nice guy!

In the first episode of A Beginner’s Guide to Packrafting, FCG owner Lizzy Scully interviews Head Guide Steve “Doom” Fassbinder about his packrafting history, his tips for beginners, how Doom got into packrafting and the process he went through as he became an experienced packrafter. He also talks about his gear kit and gear he recommends for beginners, along with the important of swiftwater safety courses (certification or non-certification). He emphasizes the importance of honesty and communication when paddling with others, the importance of seeking guidance and training from experienced paddlers. And he offers advice on how to choose appropriate rivers and trips based on skill level. Finally, he and Lizzy discuss the importance of having fun and enjoying the packrafting experien

packraft podcast: Steve Fassbinder, Day 1 - King Salt - A circumnavigation of The Great Salt Lake, Utah. Photo by Andrew Burr.