These are the Four Corners Guides Terms and Conditions and Cancellation Policy. Revised 4/23/2022.

FCG Terms & Conditions for Standard Courses

  1. FCG reserves the right to make subtle changes to tour itineraries.
  2. FCG reserves the right to substitute vehicles and/or drivers should the need arise.
  3. Dietary requirements must be requested from clients and forwarded at the time of booking.
  4. FCG reserves the right to change or cancel your booking in accordance with operating requirements of circumstances beyond its control.
  5. Should change or cancellation prove necessary, we will give you reasonable notice thereof, in the circumstances, and where available, offer you a comparable alternative.
  6. If an alternative is not available, you may be entitled to either a full refund of monies paid by you to us or you can transfer to another FCG tour without payment of any transfer fee.
  7. Should water levels be lower than expected, but rivers are still runnable and you simply don’t want to do the tour, you may not get a refund, but will be able to reschedule your tour for anytime in the future (no expiration date).
  8. If the change or cancellation is due to a force majeure (i.e. circumstances such as political unrest, war, or threat of war, riots, civil strife, closure of airports or ports, industrial disputes, terrorist activity, natural & nuclear disasters, fire, epidemic or health risk, Acts of God, adverse weather conditions or other similar emergencies beyond FCG’s control), we will give a full refund of any monies paid to us less reasonable expenses incurred by us in respect of your booking.
  9. FCG is not responsible for the costs of any other travel arrangements affected due to our cancellations or rescheduling of any tour departure.
  10. Please note, if you pay in full in advance for a discounted tour or gift certificate, you will not get a refund of any portion of that money, at any time, for any reason, for any cancellations. However, we will work hard with you to reschedule your tour, and/or you may apply monies to any future tour. Our gift certificates do not have expiration dates.

Terms & Conditions for Privately Scheduled Courses

  1. We will not book a guide for a private tour until you pay the 50% deposit, 25% of which is nonrefundable and not transferable to future courses. 
  2. All other terms above apply.

FCG Cancellations:

  1. Cancellations made three months or more prior to the scheduled tour will get a 90% refund on the full amount.
  2. Cancellations made greater than 21 days prior to a scheduled tour will be refunded 80% of the agreed tour fee.
  3. Cancellations made within 21 days of the scheduled tour date will be refunded 50% of the agreed total tour fee.
  4. Cancellations made within 48 hours of the scheduled tour date will incur a 100% charge.
  5. You may reschedule your tour anytime, except if you cancel within 48 hours of the scheduled tour date, unless you experience an emergency out of your control, such as an accident, injury, death in the family or natural disaster.