Unplug & Play

To  bring you on bikepack, packraft & bikeraft tours to some of America’s most inaccessible and starkly beautiful landscapes so you can disconnect from the digital world and have raw experiences.

Go Light

To teach you to use bike, packraft & lightweight outdoor gear properly and take less of it so you can travel more efficiently and effectively through the backcountry and in your every day life.

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Leave No Trace

To share with you an appreciation, respect, and leave no trace ethic for the remote public and Native lands over which we travel. And to value the cultural significance of those places.

Bike. Packraft. Bikeraft: Bikepacking on the West Mancos Trail

Go Local

And finally, we commit to developing and maintaining strong community ties by sourcing and promoting locally-grown food and beverages, by working with local, regional or USA-made companies for other needed resources, and by hiring local guides from the Four Corners, including Navajo and Ute Mountain Ute guides.

We work with: made in Mancos Alpacka Raft packrafts, the Mancos Brewery, Fenceline Cider; and made in Maine Hyperlite Mountain Gear packs & shelters, and made in Alaska Revelate Designs bike bags, Heather's Choice dehydrated food & more)