How To Bikeraft: Bikerafting Resources

If you don’t have our comprehensive guide to bikerafting, The Bikeraft Guide, fear not! The internet and our website are both full of resources for aspiring bikerafters. And here’s a list for you! These are all the bikerafting resources we offer, plus other articles by or about Steve “Doom” Fassbinder and Lizzy Scully. This is not a comprehensive source of ALL bikerafting information. There’s lots of great info online. Do a Google Search. We can’t swear by what you read and so we haven’t included articles that we are not affiliated with. However, most of what we have read or seen has been good, especially stuff by Deane Parker. That guy knows what he’s doing, and he provides a lot of great videos and articles to the bikerafting community.

The Bikeraft Guide Is Still Active In These Places!

Four Corners Guides How-To Bikeraft Blog Posts

Most of these are unabridged chapters from our book. We had to edit many of the chapters of the book to reduce its size, as it is already a beast at 360+ pages.

  1. Packrafting With Bikes: The Dangers of Flatwater, Fjords & Oceans
  2. How to Pack Your Bike for Bikepacking, by Huw Oliver (not specific to bikerafting, but still helpful)
  3. How to Teach Your Friends How to Packraft, by Lizzy (also not specific to bikerafting, but still worth the read)
  4. So You Want to Bikeraft Q&A with Doom, Part 1
  5. So You Want to Bikeraft Q&A with Doom, Part 2
  6. The Bikeraft Guide – How to Put Bike Wheels & Other Gear in/on a Packraft

  7. “How to Put a Bike on a Packraft–Wheels, Axles, Chains, etc,” Part 1 of the How-To Bikeraft Video Series.
  8. “How to Lash a Bike Frame to a Boat,” Part 2 of the How-To Bikeraft Video Series.
  9. “How to Put Bike Wheels on a Packraft,” Part 3 of the How-To Bikeraft Video Series.
  10. The Bikeraft Guide: Bikerafting Needs (Boat, Paddle, PFD, Bike & Bike Straps), at

Articles in Other Publications

We published these articles to promote the original Indiegogo Campaign that paid for the first printing of the book, along with the contributors, editor, designer, etc…

  1. Bikerafting 101: How to Lash Your Bike to a Packraft,
  2. A Look At The Bikeraft Guide, by
  3. Wayward Duck Decoys and a Few Dingdongs: Bikerafting the San Juan River, by Spencer Harding,
  4. Steve Fassbinder and Lizzy Scully Launch The Bikeraft Guide Book,
  5. Ooooh, a New Bike Rafting Guide Book Is In the Works, by
  6. Push, Paddle, Pedal: Solo Packrafting with Lizzy Scully of Four Corners Guides

Video Series on YouTube

We made this series of videos during the pandemic when we didn’t have a lot else to do. We shot them on the Mancos River in front of our cabin at Scullbinder Ranch. The quality isn’t amazing, but the final products are informative and helpful. Doom is a master bikerafter!

**These videos are also all available on Vimeo**


The Bikeraft Guide: How to Put Your Bike on your Packraft, with Doom: How to Orient Your Bike Frame from Four Corners Guides on Vimeo.



Fun Articles

You’ll find these fun and often engaging articles on our website.

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