Turn the blue lines on maps into trails

Acquire the packrafting skills you need to embark on bigger, better and safer adventures on your own. A Level 1 Expedition course will teach you the basics of multi-day trip planning and logistics, pack lists, how to pack things in your boat and your pack (or bicycle), ultralight practices, expedition food and prep, leave no trace, navigation and finding camps, plus a basic overview of online resources: GIS, USGS water gauges, Google Earth, etc. On more advanced courses, Level 2-4, you’ll dive deeper into developing all these skills, plus travel to more remote locales. Scroll down to learn more about our various expedition courses. 

Course Descriptions

PACKRAFTING COURSES: Expedition Packrafting in Chiapas Mexico packrafting

Level 1 Packraft Foundations – Basic Paddling & Expedition Skills

We designed these 3- to 5-day courses for adventurers looking to expand their backcountry skills by adding a boat to their repertoire. We teach the standard techniques from our Packraft Foundations–Paddling Skills courses, but we spend less time on self-rescue and aggressive swimming skills and drills. Instead we focus more on what it takes to accomplish a multi-day packraft adventure in the backcountry. 

Please note these courses are meant to introduce you to expedition skills, not to get you to the point where you master them. You’ll do more drills and hone these skills in our higher level courses.

For more details on exactly what you will learn in these courses, please visit our Packrafting Curriculum page.

Expedition Packrafting in Chiapas Mexico packrafting

Level 2 Packraft Essentials: Expedition Planning & Paddling Course

These 3- to 5-day Beginner/Intermediate expedition planning and paddling courses are for experienced paddlers who want to: 1) expand the skills they learned in one of our Level 1 Expedition courses and; 2) expand their paddling skills in order to run Class II-III rapids in a backcountry environment. The goal with these courses is to dive deeper into the Level 1 Packraft Foundations – Basic Paddling & Expedition Skills list, and to practice these skills in a backcountry setting.

Guayas Glacier, Patagonia, Chile. Photo by Waldo Aguayo.

Level 3 Mastery Course: Expedition Packrafting & Advanced Paddling

These multi-day Intermediate to Intermediate/Advanced expedition courses are for people who have paddled Class III or Class IV, can easily self rescue every time and who have taken courses with us, the ACA, SSI, International 3 Rescue or other accredited guide services. These courses are ideal for people who strive to take others out or plan and lead expeditions, but who don’t quite have the necessary leadership skills. They’re also for people who want to learn or master technical and complex strokes, expertly navigate eddies, make excellent group decisions, manage vertical drops and surf like a pro. Finally, we designed these courses so participants can hone their expedition planning skills, from logistics to packing to understanding GIS and paper maps. Take your skills to the next level!

Want some expedition tips, check out our blog post, “The Bikeraft Guide: Route Planning Checklist,” or “Pack This! A Tajikistan Bikerafting Kit (Month-Long Trip).