A Vlog of Neil Hannum's 4-Day, 2019 Ute Mountain Ute Tribal Park Bikepacking Tour

The Ute Mountain Ute Tribal Park offers access to pristine, 1000-year-old Ancient Puebloan ruins and a stunning canyon landscape. Avoid the crowds, time constraints, and locked gates of Mesa Verde National Park, and explore one of the Southwest's best hidden secrets. Spend the night in a glamping tent and dine under the stars at Scullbinder Ranch, a private 35-acre oasis on the Mancos River that borders the Tribal Park. Then spend 3 days bikepacking through the park, camping in its empty canyons, and, in general, seeing no people except those cyclists with whom you ride. Visit cliff dwellings, discover pottery (that you must leave behind!), and learn from Native American guides about the ancient people who preceded them. Read more about why this place is so special in a blog post by one of our first guests, "There Are Still Blank Spots on the Map."

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