Spring Tours Scheduled

For more information please see the descriptions below the scheduled dates. Email us for details.

  • May 17-21 - This intensive Level II+/III course includes 2 days of training on the Animas, plus evening instruction in packing and route planning and a 3-day overnight tour, 40+ miles.
  • May 23-25 - (ladies only) This Level I tour runs almost entirely on Class I sections of the San Miguel, into the Hanging Flume section of the Dolores. Less than 30 miles.
  • June 5-8 - This Level II learn to packraft course includes a day of self rescue and paddle stroke training on the Animas and a 3-day San Miguel/Dolores river tour.
  • June 20-22 - This Level II Learn to Packraft course includes a day of self rescue and paddle stroke training on the Animas and an overnight on the Dolores River.

Intro or Advanced Packraft Course | Animas River

Level 1-3 | $225-$325 | Tours Scheduled Daily

Intro Course: learn about packrafting gear, how to read the river, basic paddling and safety skills and more. No experience necessary. Open Alpacka Classic packraft (not a whitewater boat), paddle, PFD provided. Course runs 4 hours.

Advanced Course: learn to catch eddies, self rescue, run whitewater and more. Guests need their own packraft equipment, as whitewater boats are not included. Course runs 6 to 8 hours. Food not included.

Intro to Packrafting | Dolores & San Miguel Rivers

Level 2 | $365 Per Day

Turn the blue lines on maps into trails and acquire skills to embark on your own packraft trip. You'll spend one to three nights on the river and paddle Class I, II or III (depending on the section of the rivers you run). You must be fit and have basic backcountry skills to do this tour. We'll teach you what you need to know to enhance your existing backcountry skill set. We won't set up your tent or cook your meals. You must be self-sufficent in the backcountry.  Tours run April-June.

4-Day Traditional Packrafting on the Dolores River

Level 4 | $365 Per Day

This "traditional" 4-day packrafting tour includes two+ days of packrafting and one+ days of backpacking over rough, difficult terrain. You don’t need specific packrafting experience, but some paddling skills (in any kind of boat) would help. The Level 4 rating reflects the mileage you will boat and hike, rather than the technical nature of the water. We can only run this trip during a good snow year, when water is released from McPhee Reservoir into the River.

Planning on camping or staying in a glamping tent the night before or after your tour? Check in is at 3p.m. For more info about our camping, glamping and the Scullbinder Cabin, please visit or Colorado Glamping page. Please note, camping or glamping costs extra and does not come with your tour, unless you are doing the 2.5-day Tribal Park Bikepacking Tour. Showers included. Looking for a good meal? Visit our Food & Beverage page. Please also note PFDs, paddles, helmets, and open Alpacka Classics (these are not whitewater boats) are included with all packrafting and bikerafting adventures. You do not get a discount if you have your own gear. We simply offer the gear as a courtesy. We will be renting dry suits starting spring 2021.

About Our Multi-Day Learn to Packraft Tours

We base our tours on confidence and skill progression. We start slow and push you a little harder as we go, tailoring the experience to your own personal abilities. Learn: ✓How to pack light for backcountry packraft adventures; ✓Equipment (use and care); ✓Field repair–tips & tricks; ✓Swimming and general water confidence; ✓Self-rescue & buddy assistance; ✓Dealing with currents; ✓Swift water entry; ✓Aggressive & defensive swimming position; ✓Decision making; ✓Hazards & river dynamics; ✓Basic paddle strokes; ✓Using eddies

Our multi-day tours are *NOT* for people with zero experience in the backcountry. You must have basic backcountry skills and a level of fitness that allows you to be out in the backcountry for multiple days.