Glen Canyon National Rec Area Bikerafting

Level 2-4+ | Prices Vary | Email Us For Details

Starting early fall 2020, we will run bikerafting tours on the Dirty Devil River and Lake Powell. These are our most remote tours, and they take place in stunning canyon country. Our Level 1, two-day tour on the Dirty Devil River is perfect for people new to the sport who want to learn the ropes. For more advanced adventurers with boating and cycling experience, we're offering a Level 4+, three-day tour on the Dirty and a level 3, three-day Tour on Lake Powell. Click here to view photos of bikerafting the Dirty Devil and Lake Powell.

1-Day Intro to Bikerafting - McPhee Reservoir & The Animas River

Level 2+ | $225

Want to learn packrafting and bikepacking skills and then how to put the two together for a successful bikerafting adventure? Sign up for our introductory bikerafting tour on either McPhee Reservoir or the Animas (4 people maximum allowed on Animas River Tours due to Covid-19 regulations). Explore the single track and dirt roads of the San Juan National Forest or the city bike trails in Durango, while learning basic paddling skills and how to pack your bike on your boat and your boat on your bike. Minimum of two people needed to sign up for a tour.

3-Day Intro to Bikerafting on McPhee Reservoir

Level 3 | $1095

Learn packrafting and bikepacking skills and then how to put the two together for a successful bikerafting adventure on McPhee Reservoir and in the San Juan National Forest. Our goal  is to teach you the skills you need to embark on bigger, better cycling and packrafting adventures. You'll learn how to lash your bike to your boat, pack your boat on your bike, and more. Spend three days riding 40 miles of dirt roads and single track and boating 5 to 7 miles. You'll spend one night each camping in the National Forest and on the Reservoir's shores.  

Scullbinder Ranch is closed to people outside of our "community" (Montezuma and La Plata Counties) until future notice.  Tours don't include a stay at Scullbinder Ranch. However, any guest  may add a night at Scullbinder Ranch to their itinerary. Stay in a glamping tents by the Mancos River and sign up for a fully-catered, grilled-over-the-fire gourmet meal. Or, enjoy a simpler, fire-cooked meal under the stars.

Doom Tours

Level 4/5 | Prices Vary

Don't be scared, but be prepared. These 3- to 5-day "Doom" tours are for intermediate to advanced adventurers who already have bikepacking and boating experience (kayaking experience is sufficient), but who want to take their adventuring to the next level. Co-create your dream tour in the Four Corners with Head Guide Steve "Doom" Fassbinder. We take care of 100% of the logistics from the time you land to the time we drop you off at the airport (there is an extra cost for shuttling). But, you get to plan and map out your adventure with Doom. Add one or two extra nights at the Ranch, and/or sign up for a fully-catered, grilled-over-the-fire gourmet dinner.

The Dolores Bikeraft Loop

Level 4 | Tours Available Dependent on Flow | $1095

Doom developed this unique 3-day loop tour for experienced packrafters and cyclists with backcountry skills who want to try their hand at bikerafting. It includes a big day of riding and two days of bikerafting. On this burly tour be prepared to cross difficult terrain and run plenty of Class II and some Class III whitewater (which you can portage). Launch dates to be announced mid-March.

The Dolores Back-Pack-Raft Loop

Level 4 | Tours Available Dependent on Flow | $1395

This more traditional 4-day packrafting tour includes two+ days of packrafting and one+ days of not for the faint of heart backpacking back to the car. You don’t need a lot of packrafting experience for this tour, but paddling experience of some sort is key. And, you do need to be willing to hike over rough, difficult, but gorgeous and wild terrain! Tours depend, of course, on river flows. Launch dates to be announced mid-March.

Other important information...

  • **Discount offered if you have your own packraft kit (PFD, paddle, and high-quality packraft in good repair. I.e. no pool toys.)**
  • Doom Tours Include: Everything except bike rentals.
  • 1-Day Tours Include: A basic packraft kit (PFD, paddle, boat), permits, shuttles to and from Mancos.
  • Standard Tours Include: lodging/camping, a basic packraft kit (PFD, paddle, boat), permits, shuttles to and from Mancos, all meals and beverages for the duration of the tour, unless you choose to dine out.
  • Standard Tours Do Not Include: shuttles to and from the airport or bike rentals.
  • Bike Rentals: If you need to rent a bike, we can pick it up for you from either Kokopelli Bike & Board in Cortez for Colorado trips or from Roam Industry for Utah trips. Please confirm bike rentals with at least 2 weeks notice to ensure availability.
  • Shuttle Services: Additional shuttle services are available to/from the airport-- $80 Cortez one way and $125 Durango one way.