Please note we don’t schedule every course we are able to run every year. If there’s a course you want to do that you’ve found on our “General Info on Packrafting & Bikerafting Adventures” page or elsewhere, email us and we will work to schedule a private for you and your group. Please scroll below the calendar of courses to see more complete descriptions of all the courses we offer.

2024 Bikerafting Courses

Bikerafting the Dolores River and Morrison Trail.JPG
Bikerafting the Dolores River from the Morrison Trail through the La Plata Mountains. Photo by Steve Fassbinder.


Colorado Bikerafting Courses

Beginner – Intermediate

We run two specialized courses near Mancos. Our 1- to 2-day courses on the Animas River utilize local Durango city trails and are Level 1 introductory courses. Or spend 3 days on one of our most stunning, Level 2 mountain adventures. Pedal from Mancos up over the west side of the La Platas on dirt roads, double track and the Morrison Trail. Detour around Class III rapids on Highway 145 near Rico, Colorado. And from there, spend 1.5 days paddling down to the town of Dolores. 


San Miguel / Rim Rocker Bikeraft Course

Beginner – Intermediate

Spend three to five days paddling the San Miguel and Dolores rivers on fast-moving Class II water. And then ride  the Rim Rocker Trail back to your start point. Cycling skills and basic boating skills are required for this course. If you have minimal boating skills, we require you spend a day training with us on the Animas River first.

Learn to bikeraft on McPhee Reservoir - 3 days, 50 miles of single track and paddling!
Lars Nelson and Rachel Landis bikeraft McPhee Reservoir. Photo by Steve "Doom" Fassbinder.


2- to 3-Day Intro to Bikerafting on McPhee Reservoir

Beginner – Beginner/Intermediate

Learn to pair bikes and boats on flatwater in the stunning San Juan National Forest. You’ll glean the skills you need to embark on bigger, better bikeraft adventures. Want to push yourself? Do this excellent beginner course in two days instead of three.


Bikerafting Glen Canyon N’tl Rec Area

Beginner – Beginner/Intermediate

We offer one- to three-day bikerafting courses on the Colorado River. Exit the river after six miles for a chill beginner course, or push on to Blue Notch Canyon 18 miles downriver for a challenging canyon overland adventure.

Nebesna to McCarthy Bikerafting Tyler Marlow and Steve Doom Fassbinder
Steve Fassbinder.


Doom Tours

Intermediate – Advanced

Don’t be scared, but be prepared. These 3- to 5-day courses are for intermediate to advanced adventurers who already have bikepacking and boating experience, but who want to take their adventuring to the next level. Co-create your dream tour with Steve “Doom” Fassbinder.


The Dolores River Bikeraft Loop

Intermediate – Advanced

Doom developed this unique 3-day loop course for experienced packrafters and cyclists with backcountry skills who want to try their hand at bikerafting. Be prepared to cross difficult terrain and run plenty of Class II and some Class III whitewater.

Bikerafting the Dolores River