We’re Officially Launching Four Corners Guides Next Friday!

Long-time Durango Devo Explorers coach and professional mountain biker and photographer, Steve “Doom” Fassbinder is launching a new multi-sport (bikepack, packrafting, bikerafting) adventure guide service this fall with his partner, Lizzy Scully. They are launching Four Corners Guides in conjunction with one of their lead guides, Thad Ferrell, who also recently started King Fisher Fly Guides. Doors open at 6:30 at Pine Needle Dry Goods on Friday, September 13th.

“I’ve been taking people on wild tours by bicycle and packraft to the far corners of the Southwest for over a decade now,” says Doom. “Now we’ll have the opportunity to share our adventures and lifestyle much more widely. We’re stoked!”  

Thad will open the event with slides and plenty of tall tales about his fishing exploits. Doom will follow with short films and photos from his adventures around the Southwest and the world, including his latest traverse of the San Juans by bike, llama, and packraft with local artist and mountain bike master, Jon Bailey, and Fort Lewis College Outdoor Pursuits Director, Brett Davis.

Doom and Lizzy will base their operations out of Scullbinder Ranch, a remote 35-acre property on the Mancos River at the tip of Weber Mountain. Limited glamping opportunities will be available to people joining a select few of their guided tours.

A select assortment of Doom’s adventure photographer currently deck the walls of Pine Needle Dry Goods. For more information on the event, please visit their Facebook Event page.

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