Scullbinder Ranch - Basecamp to Four corners Guides

Scullbinder Ranch lies on a stunning and remote 35 acres at the tip of Weber Mountain, along the Mancos River. The Ranch borders extensive BLM lands to the east and north. Mesa Verde National Park lies to the west. And the Ute Mountain Ute Tribal Park is south.

A migratory route that birds, humans and animals have traversed and utilized these lands for centuries. You’ll find pottery from the Ancestral Puebloans (please leave it where you find it!). As well, you may discover rubbish left by a Mormon rancher, his two wives and 20 children! The one thing you won’t see are other people. We have no public wifi, and cell phones do not work at the Ranch.

The Scullbinder Ranch Main House is equipped with a kitchen, a full and a half bathroom, a large community space, kitchen and gear room. The Main House is available only to people taking our courses. We do offer limited cabin and glamping opportunities via HipCamp.

Scullbinder Ranch in the winter

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