Meet the Owners

With 50+ years collective experience in backcountry adventures and almost as much in the outdoor industry, Steve "Doom" Fassbinder and Lizzy Scully know what it takes to live and play in the world’s wildest areas. Out of a desire to share their passion with others, they created Four Corners Guides. Doom and Lizzy met through outdoor industry connections. They climbed "The Cruise" in the Black Canyon on their first date, the "Naked Edge" in Eldorado Canyon shortly thereafter, and after soloing to the summit of the First Flatiron on election day 2016 decided they were a match made on granite. The summer after Lizzy moved to Mancos, the duo bought an idyllic, remote cabin and 35 acres at the tip of Weber Mountain. Obsessed with adventuring, it only made sense for them to pursue a dream they both shared of running a base camp, now called Scullbinder Ranch, and adventure guide service together, with Steve the head "Bikeraft Guide" and Lizzy running the business. The couple thrives on sharing the wild, remote places they know and love and the challenging experiences they regularly have with friends, family, and now, with you, Four Corners Guides' guests. Join us for an extraordinary adventure.

Bikeraft Guides

Lizzy Scully

Founder & CEO

A dedicated and passionate adventurer, Lizzy spent more than two decades climbing big walls around the world. She’s best known for her for her first free ascent with Heidi Wirtz of “Bad Hair Day” (5.12-) on the South Howser Minaret, Bugaboos, Canada and her third ascent of “Inshallah,” a route up the 4400-foot Shipton Spire (19,700’) in the Karakoram Range of Pakistan. She focuses now on cycling andpackrafting. Read the "Success Story" about Lizzy and FCG.

Steve Fassbinder

Founder, Head Bikeraft Guide

Steve Fassbinder, known as “Doom” among his friends and within the tight-knit mountain bike industry, started adventuring at age 14. He raced single-speed mountain bikes until his 30s, but eventually started focusing on exploring huge backcountry landscapes. Passionate about creative, human powered, low-impact travel, he’s likely explored more of the Southwest United States by both bike and packraft than any other person. Read about him in Outside mag.

Thad Ferrell

Fly Fishing / Bikeraft Guide

Thad spent his childhood traveling out West to fish with his parents. They planted a seed, and whether the branches led to climbing, biking, hiking, fly fishing, or floating the rivers of the West, he knew this was where he wanted to put down roots. Always thinking about fly fishing, and after a very narrow brush with death in 2017, Thad decided to move forward with his dream of starting a guide service. Join Thad on the San Juan River! Check out King Fisher Fly Guides.

Sarah Tescher


Sarah has been adventuring in the outdoors for over 40 years. Her happy place is on the ground sleeping under the stars. She has been bikepacking for over 10 years and has led over 20 bikepacking trips for kids and young adults. While an ex-pro mountain biker, her real skills are in creating experiences in the outdoors that perfectly challenge riders yet also provide a stress free vibe. She is the one you will find happily sweeping a group taking in all the beauty of the surroundings of the southwest and always happy to fix a flat or chain. She sees all "problems" in the outdoors as an invitation to stop, take it all in, and work as a group to problem solve. She is excited to be working for Four Corners Guides and create bikepacking experiences that are a five-star wilderness experience.

Jon Yazzi Bikepacking guide

Jonathan Yazzie

Guide, Owner Dzil Ta’ah Adventures

Jon is a full-blooded Navajo and aspiring adventure cyclist, mountain bike racer, and lover of the outdoors. He currently runs tours via his bikepacking company, Dzil Ta’ah Adventures, based out of Kayenta, Ariz. He has done many rides on and off Navajo land that have been written up in adventure mags & blogs. He has also helped develop bikepacking routes passing through Navajo lands and has several hidden gems of his own. Jon will be co-leading all trips done on Navajo lands, providing both bikepacking expertise and a more in-depth cultural experience for our guests. Check out Jon's Instagram page, and also the and Radavist articles about his new business and bike adventures.

Ashley Carruth


For the past nine years, Ashley has called Durango her home, but your best bet in finding her these days is to listen for her classic “yeooop” call as she summons a group of high school students on yet another “Carruthless” sufferfest through various mountain and desert landscapes. Ashley grew up in Colorado playing soccer, ski racing, and chasing her older brothers and sisters around the mountains. These days, Ashley teaches 11th and 12th grade Humanities, coaches mountain biking and youth bikepacking, co-directs an outdoor education and leadership development program for high school girls, and in her free time, attempts to explore as much of the Four Corners’ mountain and desert landscapes as possible. While Ashley loves the physical challenge inherent in outdoor adventures, she finds the most joy in helping students and clients cultivate a stronger connection to place, self, and community. After all, connection is what life’s all about!

Next Steps...

Want to learn how to bikepack, packraft, or bikeraft? Interested in women's-only adventures? Or, do you want to take your skills to the next level and embark on an advanced DOOM Tour? We've got featured scheduled tours, or you can design your own. What's your tour?