Our Rates

Our multi-day tours cost approximately $395 per day and include all packaged food (breakfast, plenty of snacks for the day, tuna/chicken, cheese, avocados coffee/tea, electrolytes, dinner), shuttling, hand sanitizer and toilet kit. Half- and single-day tours do not include any of these things. If we meet you the afternoon or evening before a tour, we consider that a half day. Private tours with Doom are $450 per day.

No. Overnight stays at Scullbinder Ranch are not included with any courses unless you purchase a multi-day package that specifies meals. However, any person doing a tour at the Ranch may stay on site. It costs $35 to pitch a tent and use the Main House (formerly “Barn”) bathrooms. Or, stay in a comfy, memory foam mattress bed with bedding in one of our shared Glamping Tents or in the Scullbinder River Cabin. It’s $75 per bed in a shared tent, $125 per private glamping tent and $175 for the cabin for two people (plus $50 per each additional person). Breakfast included. Please note other meals are not included. Email us for details. Check in is after 3. Check out is 11a.m.

Due to the drought and a low-flow well, please limit your showers to five minutes to conserve water. If any person in the group is not vaccinated, all guests and staff are required to wear masks inside.

In order to book your tour, we require you to pay one-half the total upon receipt of confirmation of scheduling of your tour. Full payment is due a minimum of 30 days prior to your trip.

We rent bikepacking bags, and ultralight backpacks, tents, sleeping bags and sleeping pads.  Please view our Rental Agreement. A deposit is required.

All packrafting and bikerafting tours come with an open Alpacka Classic packraft, PFD, paddle and whitewater helmet. We do not offer discounts if you have your own gear.

    • Half day: $250
    • Full day: $395
    • Two days: $790
    • Two+ days: $975
    • Three days: $1175
    • Three+ days: $1350
    • Four days: $1550
    • Four+ days: $1750
    • Five days: $1950
    • Six days: $2300
    • Private, One-Person Course: $450 per day
    • Kids under 10 30% Off