Scullbinder Ranch Cabin Quarantine

Greetings from the Scullbinder Ranch cabin. As I write this, Doom is putting the roof on the community barn. Almost the entire project utilizes repurposed materials, including laminate flooring we got from the music room at the Mama Cash Home in Hendersonville, Tenn., where Johnny Cash recorded his last five albums (America I-V).

While Doom has worked on the barn, I've worked with First Southwest Bank to ensure we can continue to run tours through 2020. With much help, I set up and furnished two of the Ranch's glamping tents, and dug, laid gravel and lined paths to those tents with river rock. And finally, I shot and edited nine short The Bikeraft Guide How-To videos featuring Doom, which you will find on Vimeo and YouTube.

What are our next steps? This May we will wrap up the community barn, write the first chapters of The Bikeraft Guide, and develop our *new* 3-day Animas River Packrafting Tour with our partner, Thad Ferrell, of Kingfisher Fly Guides.

And, starting June, we are scheduling tours for small groups of family and friends! Call or email us, and we’ll work directly with you on dates that best serve your group of two to six people. Get 15% off if you buy a gift certificate for someone or pay in full for any tour by June 30th. Get 25% off + a free night at the Ranch if you sign up a group of six.

We hope y’all are staying healthy and safe. See you this summer!

~ Steve "Doom" Fassbinder & Lizzy Scully

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