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Woohoo!!! Lizzy recently joined the Bikepacking Roots Board of Directors as their marketing lead. Lizzy will be working closely with Executive Director Kurt Refsnider and various board members to develop a marketing and public relations plan for the organization.

Mission: Bikepacking Roots is dedicated to the support and advancement of bikepacking and the conservation of the landscapes through which we ride.

The Organization’s Goals are to:

  1. Create high-quality, enjoyable, accessible bikepacking routes and route networks in geographic regions throughout North America. These routes, some with a trail emphasis and some with a dirt road emphasis, will include options for multiple distances (100-2000+ miles), will be well mapped, and relevant trip-planning information will be readily available for no cost in digital formats that can be easily printed.

  2. Provide and promote visibility and access for the bikepacking community. Bikepackers needs to gain greater recognition from land management agencies as a legitimate user group, particularly in the context of access and policy decisions. Local land managers and municipalities will be informed of these routes and their potential to attract new users and tourism income.

  3. Foster strong connections between bikepackers and landscapes to promote landscape conservation and encourage responsible backcountry ethics. As bikepacking routes traverse large swaths of landscape, bikepackers benefit from large-landscape conservation efforts, and more needs to be done to encourage such a conservation ethos, especially in the mountain bike community where many individuals seem to equate “conservation” with “Wilderness,” places where bikes are banned. Bikepacking Roots will aid in bikepackers’ connections to landscape through broadening their understanding of the natural history of a region, becoming informed of conservation challenges in the region, and sharing how the individual bikepacker can help.

For more detailed organizational information, check out their 2017 annual report and preliminary 2018 annual report, as well as their Bylaws and 2016 Strategic and Business Plan.

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