Saturday, May 21, 4:30p.m. @ Scullbinder Ranch!

Hi y’all!

We are getting married Saturday, May 21st at 4:30p.m. Yay! We love you and can’t wait to celebrate with you! Please RSVP to Lizzy at [email protected] or text 303-903-2768. 

~Lizzy & Doom

Weather: It will be in the low 30s Saturday night, so bring extra warm clothes and extra warm bedding if you are camping/glamping.

Location: Scullbinder Ranch. Update. The roads are fine, and no rais is in the forecast. Click here for directions to the Ranch.

Dress: Casual, comfortable. Bring good shoes for uneven terrain and layers. The weather can change quickly, and it’s cold at night!

Covid-19: Due to the age and compromised immune systems of many attendees & the size of the wedding, please do not come unless you are fully vaccinated for Covid-19. More info below.

Steve "Doom" Fassbinder and Lizzy Scully


  1. Thur., May 19: Early birds! If you’re coming in early (officiants, wedding party, family members, etc), come to the Ranch anytime that day to set up camp, move into your glamping tents, etc.
  2. Fri., May 20, 4:30p.m.: Rehearsal & dinner at Scullbinder Ranch.
  3. Fri., May 20, 7p.m.: After party beers by the fire. Everyone invited.
  4. Sat., May 21, 9-11:30a.m.: Coffee courtesy of Ren & Jesse. Quiche.
  5. Sat., May 21, 4:30p.m.: Wedding, followed by reception, dinner, band (Birds of Play) and all-night dance party with 4 DJs.


Change of plans. Please bring a dessert or appetizer for Saturday night. Email Amber Shafer at [email protected] to let us know what you are bringing so we don’t have 10 of the same thing. Thanks!

Other Important Things You Need to know:


We thought about this A LOT and finally decided that in order to protect the extremely compromised people who will be on site, we want everyone to be vaccinated. We love those of you who are unwilling to be vaccinated, some of whom are really close friends. But because so many people attending are compromised by age, cancer, or other serious auto-immune issues, we simply can’t take any chances. 😔 Being vaccinated means you are vaccinated specifically for Covid-19 with the Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson & Johnson vaccine.


Instead of flowers that will die in a few days, we will have drought tolerant, bee/butterfly plant to decorate the tables and other wedding spaces. We would love for you to bring any volunteers you have in your gardens. Or, if you really want to buy something for us, we’d be happy to have plants that we can then plant these around the property as a forever reminder of our wedding and the beautiful people who attended. For a list of plants that will survive in our Colorado Zone 6a, please click here.

Aluminyze print La Platas


Please don’t give us presents, except Home Depot gift cards. We have everything we need in life except a deck & money to pay for the wedding 😉 If you would like to donate to the Scullbinder Ranch Deck & Wedding Fund, please click here to visit our Zola Registry, bring a check to the wedding or mail to us at Steve Fassbinder and/or Lizzy Scully, 438 Bauer Ave., Mancos, CO 81328.


We will have various kegs of beer and cider available from Thursday-Saturday night. We encourage every guest to bring a bottle of wine and/or a good bottle of booze if you don’t want to drink beer or cider. Please bring your own reusable mug for alcoholic beverages, coffee and water. We will have limited supplies of these items.

Plan to unplug

You will NOT have access to wifi while you’re at the Ranch. Our wifi is very limited, super expensive, works poorly, and is very hard to set up for others. Plan to unplug for the entire time you are at the Ranch. In case of emergencies, Steve and I can make phone calls.

Important Things…

  1. No dogs, please.
  2. Kids: Bring your kids if you like. We will try to find a couple baby sitters and we’ll have a big tent set up just for kids.
  3. Celebrating Outside! Even though this is a vaccinated-person only wedding, we will still celebrate all of the festivities outside. We will have a big tent set up in case it rains, plus other spaces where people can hang We’ll announce a contingency plan if it’s raining a lot
Photo by John Watson, of the Radavist. He wrote a great article about packrafting the San Miguel with us. Read it!
Scullbinder Ranch

THe Ranch House

  1. Our House: We do have our beautiful new house with bathrooms, as most of you have seen on our Instagram pages. And we want to share this with you. However, we can’t during our wedding. You’ll have to come back and visit. We invite you to do a walk through with your masks, but please don’t expect to hang out in the house, especially not kiddos. We know many of you feel like it is a second home, which makes us happy. We love your visits! But please for this weekend, stay outside. The house will be the base of operations for cooks, people cleaning, bridesmaids, hair dresser, etc. Please plan to get ready for the wedding at your hotel or camp. Thanks for understanding.
  2. House Bathrooms: Please do not use the house bathrooms unless you are one of our moms, you are over 70 and need to use it, or if you are one of the  bridesmaids. We only have capacity for 400 gallons of water, so we can’t have everyone flushing & washing. IF YOU ARE ONE OF THE PEOPLE INVITED TO USE THE BATHROOMS OR KITCHEN, PLEASE CONSERVE WATER BY NOT LETTING THE FAUCET RUN.


  1. Camping: Bring everything you typically would if you were to go camping. The Ranch is 30 minutes from town. We have a few glamping tents at the Ranch, but those will probably be taken by the wedding party and close family. However, you can pitch a tent or sleep in your rig. More info on lodging below. There will be 8 rustic cabins available a five-minute drive from the Ranch on our neighbor’s property.
  2. Cabin: The cabin is reserved for the groomsman and guys to get ready for the wedding. Please no kiddos in the cabin. They’ll have their kids tent.
Directions to Scullbinder Ranch

Water Stuff

  1. Water: Lots of stuff to know about here. We won’t have running water available. We will have a 70-gallon tank for you to get potable water from, along with hand and face wash stations outside the outhouses. Please bring your own water if you are camping for a few days. And please plan to figure out how to clean your own dishes if you’re going to cook.
  2. Kids & the River: The river will be running. We have no idea how high it will run. If it’s at flood stage, which is possible, you will want to keep your kids away from the river. If it’s not at flood stage, it’s very fun and safe.

Other Stuff

  1. Outhouses: We have a cool outhouse on site that Steve built, and we’re going to rent a large one that is wheelchair accessible. Please pee in the woods if you can, but don’t leave TP lying around.
  2. Cups & Water bottles: Please bring your camp chairs, water, water bottles, stainless steel cups and your own coffee mugs. We have some extras for family members and city folks. We are trying to minimize trash, so we won’t have paper anything, except dishes, which will be burned in the fire. We will have recycle cans set around the property.
  3. Camping:
Ute Mountain Ute Tribal Park arrowhead


Our property is FULL of awesome pottery and artifacts. We encourage you to walk (or mountain bike) the 2.5-miles of trails (please do not go off trail) and to look at and even pick up and touch the pottery. But put it back EXACTLY where you found it, and under no circumstances should you even consider taking a piece of pottery or an artifact off our property. It is stealing, and it would just really suck if you did this. We consider the Ancient Puebloan pottery sacred. There is a small sampling of artifacts and painted pottery by the cabin, which you are welcome to pick up and examine. That stuff was already at the cabin when we moved in.

We need help with clean up & set up!!!

Sign up for setup or cleanup on this Google Sheet, or text Rebecca Louzan @ 781-635-6719.IF you’re cooking, preparing or heating up food, cleaning dishes, etc, you may use the house.

  • 7:30a.m. — Saturday Morning Breakfast Setup (need 4 to 6)
  • 11:30a.m. — Saturday Morning Breakfast Cleanup (need 4 to 6)
  • 10a.m. — Saturday Morning Flower & Wedding Setup (need 8 to 10)
  • 10a.m. — Sunday Morning Cleanup, put tables/chairs away, clean up grounds, get flowers by garden, etc (need 15-20)


  1. Mesa Verde Hotel. It doesn’t look like much, but is very nice and clean inside.
  2. 6 to 9 guests: Craig McClure’s yurt, which he is holding for us. It has six beds, including 5 twin XL, one queen and a fold-down futon couch.
  3. 10 guests: Airbnb: our friends Ren & Jesse have a really nice Airbnb. Sign up here if you want it.
  4. Mancos Inn & Hostel. This place has dorms and nice rooms. It’s across the street from the coffee shop.
  5. Fancier stuff: The Straighter Hotel or the General Palmer in Durango. The GP is a 4-star AAA hotel. Super nice. The Straighter is dog friendly and also really nice.
  6. Canyon of the Ancients Guest Ranch. Gorgeous, recommended, luxury, about 1 hour 20 minutes from Scullbinder Ranch.

Food & Restaurants

  1. Mancos Brewing Company: Excellent salads, food, sourdough pizzas and beer
  2. Fencline Cidery: Great place to hangout right by the river. Excellent cider and food carts on the weekends
  3. The P and D Market is in Mancos. It has some nice locally products, but is mostly a standard, small grocery store.
  4. Zuma Natural Foods. They have lots of great prepared foods, soups and gluten free baked goods.
  5. Farenheit Coffee: They roast their own coffee in Colorado
  6. Absolute Bakery: Really the best food anywhere around
  7. Olios: Fine dining in Mancos. Excellent food.
  8. Thai Cortez: High quality Thai food and sushi. No dining in.
  9. Stonefish: They provide sushi to the P and D on Wednesdays. Best to get it fresh. They also have good take out food. No dining in.
  10. Chavalos: OK Mexican food in Mancos. Not super covid aware, but they have a decent outside patio, and the people are very  nice.
  11. The Columbine Bar & Grill. Bar food.
  12. Dolores Brewery: great beer, awesome pizzas, nice outdoor seating.


  1. We recommend 4WD vehicles.
  2. If you need a ride, we can probably arrange a pickup in one of our shuttles. However, we cannot drive you around, so you’ll be stuck at the Ranch if you don’t have a car, which isn’t so bad. Bring a book, wine, a camp chair and hang out by the river. It’s beautiful.
  3. Please try to carpool if you can.
  4. Please don’t just park anywhere in the field. We’ll be having the wedding out there, and there are cool cacti still alive despite the century of agriculture

Stuff to Do:

  1. Sign up for a Ute Mountain Ute Tribal Park Tour. AWESOME. You’ll see ruins and really cool artifacts and pottery and very few people, plus you’ll have a more authentic Native American experience. Click here for more information.
  2. Visit Mesa Verde. It’s sanitized, but really cool.
  3. Mountain bike at Chicken Creek, Phil’s World, or in various places in Durango. Call the Durango Cyclery for recommendations, tune ups or last minute purchases: (970)-247-0747. They’re our favorite bike shop in Durango. Or Kokopelli Bike & Board in Dolores: 970-676-0060
  4. There’s tons of hiking in the mountains 20 to 30 minutes from Mancos. Look up Sharkstooth Trailhead, Chicken Creek Trailhead, or other trails in the Mancos area.
  5. Durango Hot Springs. Nice, though expensive
  6. More TBA