What's new? So much! The Ranch, a BIPOC Scholarship & More

July 29th Update: Contrary to what we previous reported, we will not be working directly with Bikepacking Roots on a BIPOC project, but instead are starting a Navajo Youth Bikepacking & Bikerafting Program this fall with Jon Yazzie and Nadine Johnson of Dzil Ta'ah Adventures. Please visit our latest blog post, "Navajo Youth Bike-Packrafting Series" for details.

The Community Barn at Scullbinder Ranch is well under way, thanks to Doom (check out the heavy lifting he's done lately)!  We hope to have solar power and running water no later than August, not to mention the kitchen and first bathroom. And, more significantly, we've been thinking about it and talking with Jon Yazzie, owner of Dzil Ta'ah Adventures, for the past six months, but finally we are actualizing our goal and a key part of our business plan, to get more local indigenous youth at the Ranch and in the backcountry to learn bikepacking, packrafting and bikerafting skills. We've added a new layer to this goal--to also bring non-local teens and young adults of color on these adventures and to these workshops.

Greetings from Scullbinder Ranch...

Being outside on bikes and boats in wild, remote areas alleviates anxiety, something many of us are experiencing in abundance right now due to Covid-19 and the protests over police violence. Adventure in the natural world allows us to unplug and rejuvenate (and easily practice social distancing). To keep you safe, we've implemented strict Covid-19 Policies & Procedures.

As well, in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, we are developing a scholarship program to create an empowering safe space for teens and young adults of color. We will utilize the Ranch for programs and our permits for tours, to be led by Steve and BIPOC outdoor leaders. We are currently in discussions with those leaders and with Bikepacking Roots (check out their BIPOC adventure grant) and will announce program details next month.

Finally, as we are a new business adversely affected by Covid-19, we're running a special to help pay for 2021 permits and insurance. If you have considered doing a tour with us, think about booking now to help keep us afloat. Get 15-25% off if you pay by June 30th.

backcountry bike & boat maintenance workshop

Backcountry Bike & Boat Maintenance Workshop @ Scullbinder Ranch

September 12-13: This two-day workshop features instructors Ben Phillips (Alpacka Raft's repairs manager) and Jon "The Legend" Bailey (ace bike mechanic and world-class adventurer). You'll learn everything you need to know to keep your gear working on backcountry adventures. Learn more!

~ Steve "Doom" Fassbinder & Lizzy Scully

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