Due to Covid-19 regulations, Scullbinder Ranch is open only to people living in Montezuma & La Plata Counties until future notice.  

catered dinner at scullbinder ranch
Ranch Gourmet Dinner.3
Scullbinder Ranch Gourmet Dinner
Fenceline Cider
Ranch Gourmet Dinner.1
Scullbinder Ranch Gourmet Dinner
Scullbinder Ranch Gourmet Dinner

Add a simple, over the fire dinner for $20, or at an additional cost (depending on the number of people who sign up), our Mancos-based chefs will cook you a multi-course meal your first night at Scullbinder Ranch. Ranch visits, glamping opportunities, and gourmet meals are only available to people who sign up for Four Corners Guides Tours.

All food photos by Spencer J Harding. Cider photo by Steve Fassbinder.