We will be offering catered meals again spring 2021, covid permitting.

A Sample Menu

  • Grilled Wild Alaska Salmon

    Wild Alaska salmon, brown butter, lemon and capers.
  • Grilled Sunnyside Farms Beef Ribeye

  • Sunnyside Farms Pork Tenderloin

    with Onion Jus.
  • Smashed Purple Potatoes

    With aioli, pickled red onions, dill, and lemon zest.
  • Fermented Brown Rice "Risotto"

    with mushrooms and reggiano.
  • Grilled Romanesco

    Tahini, Lemon and Raisin. Romanesco is an edible flower from the family that includes broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, and cabbage.
  • $
    As much as possible, we utilize locally-sourced meats, vegetables, and alcohol for all our meals. Our goal is to give you a fantastic, local, and seasonally-appropriate fine-dining experience. We feature beverages from Mancos Brewing Company (the launching point for all our Ute Mountain Ute Tribal Park Tours), Fencline Cider, Guy Drew Vineyards, and Ska Brewing (Durango).
catered dinner at scullbinder ranch
Ranch Gourmet Dinner.3
Scullbinder Ranch Gourmet Dinner
Fenceline Cider
Ranch Gourmet Dinner.1
Scullbinder Ranch Gourmet Dinner
Scullbinder Ranch Gourmet Dinner

A continental breakfast (muffins, coffee, boiled eggs) is provided with your Glamping Tent, Tipi or Cabin stay. If you want a full breakfast, light dinner or a fully-catered meal, please email Lizzy for prices. Prices vary depending on the caterer/dinner you choose (from wood fired pizza to salmon cooked over the fire to the dinner shown in the photos above). Ranch visits, camping and glamping opportunities, and catered meals are only available to people who sign up for Four Corners Guides Tours.

All food photos by Spencer J Harding. Cider photo by Steve Fassbinder.