Greetings from Scullbinder Ranch

We spent the past few weeks agonizing over how to keep FCG up and running. We've lost all our spring business due to the coronavirus. However, with help from banks and minimizing expenses, we will be alright. Unfortunately,  many of our local and national partners are suffering. Our hearts go out to their employees and the owners who have had to lay off staff.

All Spring Tours Cancelled

In light of the devastating fallout from the coronavirus and because we recognize the need for serious social distancing, we are canceling all tours for the foreseeable future.

As well, through April and possibly May, we will sequester ourselves in the middle of our nowhere to minimize the chance we might inadvertently spread the virus.

Rest assured, we will stay in touch, posting inspiring adventure photos, educational posts on our blog and social media platforms. Have questions about bikerafting? Packrafting? Let us know by pinging us on Instagram. Or send us an email. We have already recorded some fun how-to videos at the Ranch explaining how to put a bike on your packraft, how to deal with your wheels, chains, axles, etc, and how to pack your boat. More to come! Stay tuned.

Despite this painful and difficult time, we are finding things to be grateful for. We enjoy a grand backyard in the high desert, next to Mesa Verde National Park and the Ute Mountain Ute Tribal Park. Canyons and cliffs surround our 35-acre Scullbinder Ranch, and the Mancos River runs through it.

Staying Busy... Getting Outside

As well, we are staying busy building the community barn, working on the Ranch's mountain bike trails and writing The Bikeraft Guide. We hope you are also finding some opportunities to get outside and to enjoy spring.

Our friend Heidi Wirtz has penned an inspiring post on how to stay healthy during this pandemic, which you will find in the sidebar. Thanks, Heidi!

We’re sending y’all love and positive energy.

~ Steve “Doom” Fassbinder & Lizzy Scully

Heidi Wirtz yogini's way of dealing with the coronavirus

As we move forward in these uncertain times the amount of stress, anxiety, and even panic that many of us are experiencing is also rising. This is completely natural as our normal lives have been disrupted. I have created some simple ways to help cope during these uneasy times. Read the blog...

~ Heidi Wirtz

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