Packrafting & Bikerafting Summer Camps for kids 12+

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Packrafts give children the opportunity to explore their backyards in new and unique ways. Once mastered, packrafting can change the way they look at landscapes. Those blue lines become adventure pathways instead of obstacles. That reservoir becomes an opportunity to get further out to fish or swim. Plus, your kids will see and hear wildlife, birds and other things they just can’t on land-based adventures.

Packrafts are ideal for children. They weigh significantly less than kayaks, so they’re super easy to bundle up and carry on a bicycle or in a backpack. And they’re much more buoyant than kayaks and canoes, and so easier to learn on. Plus, they’re just loads of fun. Give your child the opportunity to unplug, play hard and discover a new skill that might take them further than they ever imagined. Give them a packrafting summer camp.

Thad Ferrell, Jon Bailey and Cara Kropp:

Our Kid’s Camp leaders are all long-time Durango Devo instructors. They are certified in Swiftwater Rescue Training, they have their Wilderness First Responder certifications, and Thad is one of the first in the nation to achieve Level 3 American Canoe Association Packraft Instructor Accreditation. All have also be FCG guides since the inception of our company. And for over a decade (and in some cases two decades), they have done adventures with each other and with the owners of FCG. They’re enthusiastic, patient and just plain fun.

July 10-12: 3-Day Level 1 Intro to Kid’s Packrafting ⼮ 9a.m. to 5p.m. ⼮ 12+ ⼮ $395
July 17-19: 3-Day Level 1 Intro to Kid’s Packrafting ⼮ 9a.m. to 5p.m. ⼮ 12+ ⼮ $395 ⼮Sign up here!
July 24-26: 3-Day Level 1 Intro to Kid’s Packrafting ⼮ 9a.m. to 5p.m. ⼮ 12+ ⼮ $395 (Girls Only) ⼮ Sign up here!
July 31-Aug 4: 5-Day Level 2 Kid’s Packrafting ⼮ 9a.m. to 5p.m. ⼮ Includes an overnight Thursday & Friday ⼮ $725 ⼮ Sign Up Here!

For 3-Day Courses

▪ Day 1 Lake:  TBD Reservoir (for flatwater instruction)
▪ Day 2: Animas River (Class I whitewater instruction)
▪ Day 3: Animas River (Class II whitewater instruction)

For 5-Day Courses

▪ Days 4 & 5: McPhee Reservoir (flatwater overnight camping adventure)

For Level 1 Kid’s Camps

▪ For kids age 12+

For Level 2 Kid’s Camp

▪ A level 1 Intro to Kid’s Packrafting course or other similar boating experience
▪ Child must be comfortable with camping outdoors (bugs, dirt, pooping/peeing, etc)

For Level 1 Bikerafting Camp

▪ For kids age 14+
▪ Additional cycling experience or a recommendation from a Devo or other coach
▪ Child must be comfortable with camping outdoors (bugs, dirt, pooping/peeing, etc)

▪ FCG will provide open Alpacka Classics, PFDs, paddles and helmets.
▪ FCG has a set of bike bags, some of which may work for children’s bikes.
▪ FCG will provide 1 guide for every 4 children
▪ FCG will provide a comprehensive gear list for other things children might need.

▪ Wetsuits must be rented, but FCG can size & source them. It’s an additional cost of $10 per day.
▪ Parents will be responsible for dropping off and picking up their children. Children will not be driven around by FCG guides.
▪ Parents will provide children with sufficient food and warm clothing for the duration of the day for the first three days.
▪ Parents will provide children with sufficient camping gear for the overnight adventure.

▪ Courses will include 1 guide to 4 children.
▪ There must be at least 3 kids signed up for us to be able to run a course.
▪ Due to permitting issues, we cannot run courses with 5 kids, so the 5th person will always be on a waiting list until a 6th person signs up.
▪ Max 8 kids per course

Half-price scholarship are available. Please email Lizzy for details. Request for scholarships needs to be made 30 days prior to the beginning of the course. And in order to award a scholarship, the course needs to have at least three kids signed up.

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