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Tajikiwhere? A solo bikerafting odyssey to Tajikistan, by Steve Fassbinder, on the Revelate Designs blog.


Doom (aka Steve Fassbinder) recently wrote a piece on his trip to Tajikstan for sponsor and long-time supporter, Revelate Designs. Read the full article here. ‚ÄúDirt hut on Wakhan Afgan border: Had another bad sick night, shit the bed. Spent a long nice morning cleaning up doing laundry and napping. […]

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Lizzy Scully joins the Bikepacking Roots Board of Directors.

Lizzy Joins the Bikepacking Roots Board of Directors

Bikepacking Roots – Learn More! Woohoo!!! Lizzy recently joined the Bikepacking Roots Board of Directors as their marketing lead. Lizzy will be working closely with Executive Director Kurt Refsnider and various board members to develop a marketing and public relations plan for the organization. Mission: Bikepacking Roots is dedicated to […]

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