4-Day Intro to Packrafting - The San Juan River

 How to Turn the Blue Lines on Maps Into Trails - With the Canyon Country Discovery Center, $1100 (Level 2)

The October 8th trip is no longer available. Stay tuned for Spring 2020 dates!

Don't let the blue lines on maps stop you! Four Corners Guides has partnered with Canyon Country Discover Center to take you on a 4-day, 56-mile exploration of the San Juan River. Our expert guides will teach you the skills you need to embark on your own packrafting adventures. This is a great Tour for novice packrafters with no paddling experience and intermediate packrafters who want to gain more skills and experience on the water. You’ll get plenty of one-on-one attention.

This tour runs from Mexican Hat to Clay Hills Crossing. (Read more about the run at American Whitewater.) The course is based on confidence and skill progression. We start slow and push you a little harder as we go, tailoring the experience to your own personal abilities. Learn: ✓How to pack light for backcountry packraft adventures; ✓Equipment (use and care); ✓Field repair–tips & tricks; ✓Swimming and general water confidence; ✓Self-rescue & buddy assistance; ✓Dealing with currents; ✓Swift water entry; ✓Aggressive & defensive swimming position; ✓Decision making; ✓Hazards & river dynamics; ✓Basic paddle strokes; ✓Using eddies

This Tour is *NOT* for people with zero experience in the backcountry. You must have basic backcountry skills and a level of fitness that allows you to be out in the backcountry for four days.

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1-Day Intro to Packrafting

Choose Your Own Adventure - The Dolores River or McPhee Reservoir, $230 (Level 1)

Want to learn basic packrafting skills, such as how to blow up and care for your boat, how to catch eddies, how to self rescue, and much more? Then, this is the tour for you. Choose between a day on McPhee Reservoir or check out the Class II Town Run through Dolores. These tours will be available spring 2020. Tour includes  packraft package (not including dry suit) rental, lunch, and some snacks. We recommend you rent a dry suit so you can experience full immersion 😉

Packrafting - Turning Blue Lines Into Trails

Integrate Packrafting Skills Into Your Backcountry Repertoire, $825-$1225 (Level 2/3)

Want to take your paddling skills to the next level, learn to pack for overnight adventures, discover more about the way of the river, and then actualize what you learned in the backcountry? Then, this is the tour for you. These tours will be done on the San Juan and Dolores Rivers. Stay tuned for details! You'll need a good level of fitness for these tours as they may include some backpacking and multiple days of packrafting. Dry suit required weather dependent. To be available spring 2020.