Now Booking! Bikepack the Ute Mountain Ute Tribal Park!

Tours will run with a minimum of two people. You can also choose your own start dates. Contact us for availability. Please note that when you book, you'll only see the start date on the calendar. You'll be able to add additional days as you sign up for the tour.

The Tribal Park offers access to pristine, 1000-year-old Ancient Puebloan ruins and stunning canyonlands. Avoid the crowds, time constraints, and locked gates of Mesa Verde National Park, and explore one of the Southwest's best hidden secrets. Visit cliff dwellings, discover pottery (that you must leave behind!), and learn from Native American guides about the ancient people who preceded them.

Ute Mountain Ute Tribal Park Bikepacking Tour (Level 1)

Meet your guide, Steve "Doom" Fassbinder, at 3p.m. on your start date in Mancos for this 2.5-day, out-and-back tour. We'll take your gear in the shuttle, and you'll ride from Mancos down to Scullbinder Ranch with your guide. There, enjoy the pump track and mountain bike trails on the property before dining on delicious, locally-sourced food. Get a great night's sleep listening to the Mancos River from your private or shared glamping tent. Early on Day 2, we'll ride nine miles down into the Tribal Park. We'll lunch at camp before meeting our Ute Mountain Ute guide for a six-mile tour of some incredible ruins. That night we'll camp in the Tribal Park. The morning of Day 3 you'll ride back to the Ranch and have lunch before shuttling to your next destination (airport, car, hotel). Or dine in town and stay a 2nd night at the Ranch.

Ladies Intro to Bikepacking - Ute Mountain Ute Tribal Park (Level 1)

This ladies-only intro tour will closely follow the itinerary of the Level 1 Tribal Tour, but will incorporate bikepacking education into the mix. Learn how to pack light for the backcountry, how to pack your bikes, general bike maintenance, and more. You'll meet your guides Ashley Carruth and Sarah Tescher at 3p.m. in Mancos on Friday and bike down to Scullbinder Ranch together without your gear. Spend the evening with your guides learning skills and checking out the pump track and Ranch trails before you dine on delicious locally-sourced food and wine. Retire to your Glamping tent early in the evening because your Day #2 starts early Saturday! Check out the Level 1 course for more details on the itinerary. As always, you can spend an additional night at Scullbinder Ranch after the tour if you choose.

Ute Mountain Ute Tribal Park Bikepacking Tour (Level 2+)

Meet your guide, Steve "Doom" Fassbinder, at 3p.m. in Mancos for the start of this 4.5-day bikepacking loop tour. The first evening and first day follow the same itinerary as the Level 1 trip. But instead of riding back to the Ranch on full Day 2, you'll ride a difficult 18 miles uphill to Lyon Canyon, where you'll spend the afternoon touring five additional ruins with a Ute Mountain Ute guide. Camp out and dine that night on the canyon rim. The next morning we'll ride 40 miles through the Tribal Park back to Mancos, where you can pick up your car or hop on the shuttle to your next destination (airport, hotel, car). Or, stick around town and dine at one of the local restaurants (we recommend Olios, Chavalos, or the Millwood), or check out Fenceline Cider or the Mancos Brewing Company. Or, send an extra night at Scullbinder Ranch if you like.